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The Demon Prince of Valdrigr Alsvieth

The Crimson Spell's Shadowed Third

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Name:Demon Valdrigr
Valdrigr is the first prince of the country Alsvieth, a kingdom located in the North of his native land and known for its production of magical wares. Among the most powerful and feared of these artifacts was the Crimson Sword, an ornate broadsword with a blade of ruby-colored mineral (either metal, stone, or gem, it’s not made clear), created by a group of seven mages long ago. This blade housed a great power and upon being taken up, bestowed its wielder with that power, but at a heavy price; the wielder was immediately subjugated to a powerful curse that transforms the handler into a brutal demon, often known simply as “a beast.” The centuries-old sword if kept in the castle under guard and never is it allowed to be used unless peril of the greatest kind if at hand. Thus is the back-story of Crimson Spell.

Prince Valdrigr’s quest is begun when a legion of demons abruptly and unexpectedly invade his home kingdom. In order to save his people from further harm and stop the destruction, Prince Vald takes up the Crimson Sword and uses it to vanquish the opposing hoard. In the process, he becomes victimized by the curse of the Crimson Spell, transforming into a demon mostly during the nights and wrecking havoc until magical shackles restrain him. On council from some of his advisors, Vald undertakes a journey to find a skilled sorcerer named Halvir Hroptr (nickname: Havi), who also has a specialty in breaking curses. Upon the prince’s arrival, Havi agrees to help break the Crimson Spell, but before doing so, demands that Vald travel with him as a partner on his own personal quest to acquire various magical artifacts, knowledge, and power for both private gain and preparation for breaking the powerful curse. Agreement follows and the two turn in for the night.

During the night, however, despite having Vald’s warning, Havi’s curiosity is piqued and he unlocks the shackles, freeing Vald’s demonic form. After a short battle to gauge the demonic prince’s strength, Havi easily restrains him. Noting both the demon’s bountiful power and its beauty (as it retains most all of Vald’s features and adds a few of its own), Havi proceeds to doubly calm the raging beast and rejuvenate his own magic power via heated, if not rough, sex. Climax subdues the demon and relieves the prince for a restful night’s sleep, as well as swinging Havi’s interest from solely the Crimson Sword to both the blade and its wielder. In the morning, Vald (who has no recollection of whatever his demonic form does when it is in control) and Havi start out on their journey together to break the Crimson Spell. Each transformation of Vald requires Havi’s “unique” method of pacification, which the demon quickly takes to, though Vald remains typically oblivious to Havi and his other’s nightly affairs. That couples with their meeting of other characters from Havi’s past and mythical creatures and people from the land, setting the stage for the rest of the manga.
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